Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I Got A Pair Of Brand New Roller Skates

There once was a girl who begged her mother
to buy her roller skates at a secondhand shop
because she thought it would be cool and maybe
she could form an all-girl roller derby team like in
that Ellen Paige and Drew Barrymore movie, Whip It!

She loved the skates so much that as soon as she got
them, she gave them one big hug..
(I'm sorry. I'm tryin' to give a good heartfelt story about
skates here so a hug is obligatory.)

Clearly this girl's got way too much free time in her hands
that she pushed and  pulled as hard as she can all day long (possible exaggeration)
 until she got her chubby feet inside the darn skates. Look, she tries so hard that it looks like
she's about to sneeze or have an orgasm of some sort.

 So she finally got them on and took 'em for a spin....
You know... To paint the town red or something like that..

Wobbly roller-skating virgin legs + a flight of stairs...
Well, you get the picture. It wasn't pretty.

 She got a big booboo on her elbow afterwards.
Okay, I lie. I got that bloody scratch 3 hours before
while I was longboarding in a dark abandoned alley.
Made me feel pretty bad ass until I realized it's going
to leave an ugly scar on my elbow. :(

The girl decided that she needed more time to learn the
ways of the great roller-skating masters.
So she opted to be zen and do yoga instead.

This kind of reminds me of the Wicked Witch of The West from
The Wizard of Oz when she got squished like a bug by that house..

I'm hungry and making this post reminds me a of song......
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I need to get a life... Or maybe do yoga for real...


  1. You're the coolest and for that I'm so envious! I don't think I can ever do that...but I'm soo rooting for you. You go girl!

    1. Wow someone just said I was cool.. hahaha.. Thanks so much!!! If I could blush without using make-up, I totally would :) haha! Thanks for the support!! You're soo nice :')

  2. I've been craving to have a pair when I was a child too... but my parents weren't convinced. I didn't learned how to use that since then.

    1. Oh my gosh it's never too late to get a pair and start your roller skating dreams!!! You should totally do it while you still can :)

  3. Followed your blog pretty girl :)


    1. Ooooh I love your blog! :) Thanks so much for the follow :)

  4. learned roller blading in our living room in Bohol. :)

    1. Aaaawwe good for you!! I grew up in Bohol :) And I'm still learning how to balance in these darn skates!

  5. Roller blades!!! So cute!!! And the knee high socks is super adorable on you! :)

    1. Oh my gosh! Noelle, it's youuuuu!! I am obsessed with your blog! Thanks so much for the visit and the comment :) Real sweet of you ;)

  6. i love reading your post! so funny!


    1. Oh wow someone thinks I'm funny!!!! Best compliment eveeerrr!!! hahaha.. Thanks so much :)

  7. love the video!!
    amazing blog!

    1. Aaaaawwee thanks so much!! Wasn't the video just awesome? ahahahaa

  8. We got the same cuff! Anyhoo, been wanting to learn how to skate but maybe Im not really good in balance. haha lol


    1. Ahahahahaha.. My balance sucked, too! But I was so determined to learn.. So I practiced everyday and I eventually got good at it :)


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