Saturday, May 19, 2012

Movie Night {Sin Nombre}

Maybe it's because I just read Simone Elkele's
Perfect Chemistry books about boys in Mexican gangs and their
unlikely love interests which make for a good story about star-crossed lovers,
that I suddenly remembered a movie I saw two years ago.
  "Sin Nombre"
Sin Nombre, directed by Cary Fukunaga, is an intertwined story surrounding a teenage Honduran girl (Sayra) who is attempting to escape to America for a more prosperous life and a reluctant teenage boy (Willy aka “El Casper”) part of a notorious Mexican gang who is trying to find a meaning in life.  Their paths fatefully meet when El Casper is forced to be a part of a hijack with his gang leader “El Sol”. A turn of a events happen and El Casper is now a marked man— “green-lit” for death by his own gang. (via tumblr)

 This scene with new gang member, Smiley, after he was forced to
bludgeon someone's head with a metal bar. It was heart-wrenching.
There were times in the movie wherein I had a hard time watching
because I felt that it was just too harsh and too real. Like you know
something like this is happening somewhere else in the world at this very moment.

Sin Nombre is just too good of a movie to pass up. I don't remember
seeing anything this intense. Not to mention the cinematography was 
just visually stunning in this kind of understated way. It makes you feel
like you're in the movie with the characters and going through every
emotion they're feeling and the situations they're in, too.

 This movie wasn't really what I was expecting. It turned out
to be something more. If I had to marry a movie, this movie
would totally be the one I'd want to exchange vows with.
Hands down one of the best films you will ever watch.

 Oh no, Casper. You could never fuck up my life.
What with a face like that? Never.
*Sigh*.. I swear this guy Casper will steal your heart.
The dynamics between him helping Sayra through out their journey 
to the border, and his heartbreaking expressions that seeped through his tough exterior melted my heart.

Mara for life
I died a little during this scene :'(
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In case you're still not convinced, watch the trailer here :)

Go watch this movie now!!!!
Trust me, you will thank me for it.
Heard you can watch it on Netflix..

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