Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Fun Climb

Just got back from a 2 day mountain climbing trip.
It was my first time and certainly won't be my last!
Grabbed a few pics from my friend, Yssa, since I decided
not to bring a camera. (booo!)
 These pictures won't even begin to describe how torturous
that 5-hour ascent to the camping site was during the first day.
It wasn't even 3 minutes in the climb that I was tempted
to ask if it wasn't too late to back out. haha!

 Played card and naughty "tell the truth" games during the night.
It was a laugh fest to say the least.

 Me in the far left trying to jump up and down
so I could shake the branch and scare the other girls.
haha! I'm mean. I know.

 The 2nd day was more fun and dangerous since we
trekked through the river and got to swim and dive
off cliffs when we got to the waterfalls. 
Heavy rain started to pour on us halfway through
the trek so walking got pretty slow and slippery.

I swear all that climbing on rocks, treading in rough rivers, and walking
 through forest-like trails made me feel like freakin' Katniss Everdeen
in the Hunger Games. It was fuuuuuuun.
And I found that the only thing that calmed me down and got me
through it was by rapping (out loud) the lyrics to Kanye West's song Stronger.
I don't know why that is. But it certainly helped.
So thank you Mr. West. Thank you for being there with me.

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The muscles on my legs hurt like a mother and I think
I may need a wheelchair. I seriously cannot walk.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Daydream {052412}

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to a new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon. They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.” 
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I just had the loveliest day.
Took Constance (my bike) out for a spin.
It was my first time biking around the city.
It was SCARY! But people were actually really nice
and supportive of how I was pushing those pedals
like my life depended on it. Random people in cars literally cheered me on.
It was humiliating..... and funny. My legs are now weak and wobbly.
But I survived! You may now call me Ms. LEGS OF STEEL!!!
After today, I think I deserve the title.

Here's to meeting new people who inspire you to live life to the fullest! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

There's Nothing Like You And I {Le Music}

This lovely song by a band called The Perishers
has been on repeat on my ipod for the last 2 weeks.

And I would like to dedicate this song to the love of my life, Loki.
 Yes, yes.. I know he's the bad guy and he's out to rule
and destroy our planet. But underneath that angry, steel-like
exterior is a misunderstood creature who is just longing to be
accepted and loved. *Sigh* Or maybe he's just pure evil, but
either way, I'd still tap that.. Mmhmm..
I seriously need to go get me a heart-shaped locket
so I can paste his marvelous evil face in it and stare
at it all day daydreaming about our future together.. Tihihihihi..

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Because Loki, there's nothing like you and I <3

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Movie Night {Sin Nombre}

Maybe it's because I just read Simone Elkele's
Perfect Chemistry books about boys in Mexican gangs and their
unlikely love interests which make for a good story about star-crossed lovers,
that I suddenly remembered a movie I saw two years ago.
  "Sin Nombre"
Sin Nombre, directed by Cary Fukunaga, is an intertwined story surrounding a teenage Honduran girl (Sayra) who is attempting to escape to America for a more prosperous life and a reluctant teenage boy (Willy aka “El Casper”) part of a notorious Mexican gang who is trying to find a meaning in life.  Their paths fatefully meet when El Casper is forced to be a part of a hijack with his gang leader “El Sol”. A turn of a events happen and El Casper is now a marked man— “green-lit” for death by his own gang. (via tumblr)

 This scene with new gang member, Smiley, after he was forced to
bludgeon someone's head with a metal bar. It was heart-wrenching.
There were times in the movie wherein I had a hard time watching
because I felt that it was just too harsh and too real. Like you know
something like this is happening somewhere else in the world at this very moment.

Sin Nombre is just too good of a movie to pass up. I don't remember
seeing anything this intense. Not to mention the cinematography was 
just visually stunning in this kind of understated way. It makes you feel
like you're in the movie with the characters and going through every
emotion they're feeling and the situations they're in, too.

 This movie wasn't really what I was expecting. It turned out
to be something more. If I had to marry a movie, this movie
would totally be the one I'd want to exchange vows with.
Hands down one of the best films you will ever watch.

 Oh no, Casper. You could never fuck up my life.
What with a face like that? Never.
*Sigh*.. I swear this guy Casper will steal your heart.
The dynamics between him helping Sayra through out their journey 
to the border, and his heartbreaking expressions that seeped through his tough exterior melted my heart.

Mara for life
I died a little during this scene :'(
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In case you're still not convinced, watch the trailer here :)

Go watch this movie now!!!!
Trust me, you will thank me for it.
Heard you can watch it on Netflix..

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You're Seeing Double

People, people look alive! I'm back in town!!
I had one of the most amazing weekends ever and I
can't wait to share with you guys what happened during
my visit to the province that was most affected by last January's
terrible earthquake and landslide. It was such an eye-opener.
But more on that later.
 Right now I just wanna have some proper R&R
And by proper R&R, I mean playing dress up and stealing your mother's pearls!
Wanted to try on this men's denim shirt and see if I looked better being
girly or being all boyish. #Neighborhoodies

 This is my 90s action movie star pose.
I got a face that's just asking to be punched.

 I don't know. I'm confused. Do I look better as
a Manly-Girl or a Girly-Boy?
Life's greatest problems.. *sigh*
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I always throw my hands in that Star Trek sign
whenever I'm confused. Don't judge me.
That's how I roll.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Patience, Little Dove

Best advice I've had all day.
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Will be out of town for a few days to do volunteer work
for the victims of the recent local earthquake..
Wish us a safe trip! :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easy Like Sunday Morning

It was mi mama's birthday yesterday so we decided to
go out and have lunch at this restaurant my neighbor owns.
EVOO is what it's called. It stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
The place was really cool. Not too shabby for a guy who's only 21!
As much as I wanted this post to be about the food, sadly I wasn't
able to get good food pics since we chowed down as soon as our orders
arrived. Our bad! So let me just settle for an outfit post instead! haha

 This is what I usually wear during Sunday Mass.
It's either a skirt or a dress. I used to hate it when my mother made
my sister and I wear skirts while the other girls got to wear pants. Made
me feel really old-fashioned. Which was not how I wanted to dress at that time.
But I really do appreciate how my mother wanted us to look proper and
lady-like. It was really all about respect.

 Chose this wall as my backdrop because this is what I call ART.
Or rather the only art I am capable of doing. haha! But really, the wall spoke
to me of something deeper than just shooing people off who were not
members of this so called HGS club/society. It spoke to me of authority
and the truth of social hierarchy and how white paint looks really
good on a gray background and I'm rambling and just realized that
I don't know jack shit about art. It's time to ignore the crazy girl.

 So here's a picture of me looking like I'm really enjoying
the scorching summer heat and the wind in my hair.....

 And another one of me looking pretty clueless or stoned. Your choice.

 After lunch, we rushed off to our new favorite cupcake place, Sweet Little Things.
It was funny how I looked like the cupcake I ate. #Neigborhoodies

And an obligatory shot of the B-day girl herself posing with her
favorite Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcake!!!
She would kill me if she sees this picture of how I freely decided
to add a tiara on her head. Thank God she's got a great sense of humor? hahaha!
But hey, she's the Birthday girl and a great mom so I say the woman deserves to feel like 
Princess Di for a day with a cupcake and a glimmering tiara.
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Happy Candles & Cakes Day, Mama!!! Kiss Kiss Hug Hug xxoo