Friday, March 30, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

A big shout out to Mars Gemilga of Soul Blabber for making me one of the nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award! Didn't expect this at all! I'd like to thank my parents who have always supported me, my friends for always being there through the good and bad times, my sponsors for - - - DAFUQ?? I get carried away too easily. My apologies.

So before I sound like Meryl Streep on a good awards season, I just wanna say that this really made my month :) Thank you so much Mars!! Had the biggest grin on my face. Go check out her kick-ass blog, Soul Blabber, now!!

The following are the rules for this tag:
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their original post.
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs and let them know that they have been nominated.

1. I am a Pisces. (yey!)
2. I give everything I own a name (ex. my longboard = Kaye Abad; my biceps = Bruce (left bicep) & Wayne (right bicep))
3. Whenever I like someone, I tend to want to touch or bite their ears. (I'm freaky like that. Hence the blog name.)
4. I would someday want to own a big fat black cat. (Just like Salem on Sabrina the Teenage Witch)
5. I used to be really chubby. (They called me "The Chubby Eater" back in grade school)
6. My first big crush was on Jack Skellington from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. (I am dead serious. I even used to pretend I was his lover, Sally)
7. I hate it when people lie. (No one likes a liar. But then everyone does it. haha!)

I AM NOMINATING..... (drum roll please)

Okay I'm sorry.. I can't really come up with 15 nominees since I'm not following that many blogs. But these bloggies right here are lovely. Go check 'em out now!
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That Thing Called Grunge

SUMMER'S HERE and so is my never-ending need to bare my midrib! Okay, I don't really dress like this in public since I don't want people ogling or giving me dirty looks. But if I could, I totally would! haha! Cut off a pair of 90s "mom jeans" but apparently le mama thought it was way too short for me to wear outside the house. *sigh* So I guess camwhoring at home will just have to do.

It seemed Eula, my favorite "ASKAL", was bent on ruining the pictures and had to be in every shot. Couldn't get rid of the bitch so I decided to strangle her instead.. Kidding! Love that mutt to pieces. #Neighborhoodies

The longest relationship I've ever had is with these bad boys right here. My Chucks and I have been together for almost 9 years now. Still going strong! *happy tears*

Can you smell that? It totally SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT! haha!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Manic Monday 03262012

SUMMER... 'Nuff said.

Birthday Secrets

Lagged post but I'm back now! Exams week is finally over and summer's here! Mwahahahaha! Just thinking about all the fun stuff I want to do (or not do) for this summer makes me all giddy inside. But more on that later. I'm giving myself a well-deserved pat on the back for surviving my third year in college and turning the big 2-0 without resentment! (yeyy me!)

So here's a bit of a photo diary for what went down during my birthday. As always, I spend it with la familia. <3 Didn't really plan the whole thing out but we ended up eating at one of Cebu's best-kept secret restaurants. That's because you have to know where it is to know that it actually exists. haha!

 The fish fillet I had was divine! I am not over-exaggerating when I say it melts in your mouth because hells yeah it totally did melt in my mouth. I'm sure to have that again when I go back.
 Their Uzobuco (I don't know if I spelled that right) is a customer favorite. That was some goood tender beef. My grandma even opted to suck out all the marrow. haha! #Neighborhoodies
And of course there's the mandatory two ice cream scoops for desert for ze birthday girl a.k.a MOI!

 Apparently the owner collects all these bad boys. A BMW, 2 Ducati motorcycles, 3 ATVs.. What's not to like? This one reminds me of one of the Autobots from Transformers. Rock on!
The next little secret place we went to was this newly opened cupcake shop called Sweet Little Things. I swear if you didn't know where it was then you wouldn't even know it existed, too. Is this the new business trend now? Keep your cafes and restaurants a secret and hopefully people will wander off into deserted street corners and find out about you? Hmm.. Sounds a little shady to me but then what do I know? haha.. All this girly cares about is kinky cuppycakes!! Nomnomnomnomnom..

 My favorites are Monkey Business and Cookies & Cream. But then their bestseller is the Flourless Mudpie.

 Le mama looking like a prim and proper lady.. Oho oho oho
 Random girl gets to be in the shot, too. haha! I give you claps for studying real hard! Clappity-clap!

Read all three books of The Hunger Games trilogy for 3 straight nights (instead of studying. Bad girl!) Have you guys watched the movie yet? I've watched it thrice already :( How obsessed am I?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Manic Monday 03192012

Loved M.I.A. even during her MySpace days when very few people knew about her.

This song is currently on repeat on my ipod. 
Live Fast, Die Young
Bad Girls Do It Well.

Trying to cram for the exams this week. Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Birthday Wishlist 2012

Oh the lovely things I want for my birthday.... Let me have them all.......

 1. a LONGBOARD. I have been pretty desperate for months to get my hands (or my legs) on one. I think longboarding is as close as I'll get to actually liking and participating in a sport.. haha! I've been saving up and me thinks it's high time I actually own one.

 2. a PRETTY PINK VINTAGE BICYCLE. a basket on the front is a must! These picture below pretty much explains why I need one.

 3. KICK ASS BOOTS. I want boots. A pair of Doc Martens would be really good but seeing as I am not in any way able to afford those, I guess I'll just settle for something else. But it still has to be kick-ass! Preferably with spikes. tihihihii


 5. SKELETON BRACELET. I noticed how this list got a bit creepy with the whole skeleton obsession.. haha! I can't help it though. This bracelet is just too cool for words. And it's gold!! I love my gold!!

6. a KNUCKLE RING. Why I want one I don't even know. It's just really shiny..... and pretty. But I'd look totally badass wearing it around. Hopefully no one thinks I'm in some sort of gang and would be obliged to stab me. hehe

Wishes do come true, right? Sometimes? Yes?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dost Thou Think I Should Cut My Hair?

I'm pretending I'm Juliet Capulet asking you guys from my balcony if it's time to cut ze hair. Please play along.
I think it's time this fair maiden gets a haircut. Pronto.

 I know I've said time and time again on my past posts that my lifelong dream is to grow my hair waist-long so I can pretend I'm a mermaid like Aquamarine or Ariel. But check out the current state of my tresses. They are DRY and DULL. Two things hair never should be!

It's my fault :( I've abused it too much with chemicals. I think it's been 6 months since I got a haircut. Tsk2x.. #Neighborhoodies
 But I already have a cut in mind! I want to have sexy bangs just like the beautiful Brigitte Bardot. I love her 60s French vibe. I want to sip afternoon tea while sporting a messy up-do and looking effortlessly chic just like her. *sigh
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So what is thy verdict upon this young maiden's hair? Yey or Neigh?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Manic Monday 03122012

Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars - Safe & Sound
for the movie The Hunger Games (can't wait!).. 

This song is hauntingly beautiful just like the music video. Watch and see.

Just got back from school. How's everyone's Monday?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ling Ling You Forgot Your Bling Bling

Recent haul. Bought these 70s-looking sunglasses in a ship. Who knew they sell chic and really cheap sunglasses? haha! And my current obsession.. SPIKES! Can't seem to stop wearing this spiked bangle and earrings. The bangle makes me look like I could stab someone if they get too close. Coolio! I've been stalking for days now. I tell you I am hooked! (pun intended)
 Also love these necklaces my sister owns. She's got tons of bling!!!

And looky here, RINGS!!! My sister's ever-expanding ring collection. She collects them all. Like pokemons. :) #Neigborhoodies
 Can you spot the buddha and the blue crystal ring? They're my favorite! I try to steal them whenever I get the chance.. tihihihihihi

Will you tell Ling-ling she forgot her bling-bling?