Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday Wishlist 2014

 1. Really girly rollerblades
(Just so I can pretend I'm Farah Fawcett in a 70s skating rink with a milkshake in hand and wearing really tight shorts)

 2. Baby turtles!!! 
(But Sinpin won't let me have one or three.. boo!)

 3. A slice of heaven
(I've been pregnant for 6 months now and I still haven't had a single slice of Banoffee pie! Where is my Banoffee pie???)

 4. Roses on my board
(I'm hoping the cool cat will make me a longboard with flowers at the back. Just in time for when I can get back on a board and skate my sunshine-y ass off.)

 5. A Movie Marathon
(Nothin' better than turning down all the lights, buckets of cheddar-flavored popcorn ready, and watching really good movies from a projector.)

6. And this last one is for someone to just formally declare me as Queen of Summertime!

I haven't blogged about my random "lists" in ages. Finally made one just in time for my 22nd Birthday! I can finally sing that Taylor Swift song "22" and actually feeling like I'm 22 hahaha

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Longboard Girls Crew Skate Session

Just a few snippets of one of the most fun skate sessions I'd ever had. A little shout out to the rad chicas of Longboard Girls Crew - Philippines!
Looking at these pictures make me realize how much I really really really miss skating.
Only 3 more months to go until I pop this baby out.
Can't wait to meet him... or her hahaha!

Summer's almost here. And the baby's kicking and doing somersaults inside my tummy.
He can't wait to come out and play, too.