Monday, October 31, 2011

She Wants To Go To The Seaside

I am just dying to go to the beach and take a nice swim. I don't care how dark my skin gets. I just needs ta gooooo!!! I do miss last summer when my family and I had a little vacation in Bantayan Island. It was paradise. I could live there (and that's saying a lot since they don't even have any malls or Mcdonalds!!).

And with that, I'm leaving you with a lovely song from one of my favorite bands, The Kooks. Seaside... *sigh.

Shall we take a swim? xo

Stoked On Life

Tried my hand at longboarding yesterday. I always wanted to learn how to skateboard or longboard (still don't know the difference.. haha). I see those skater boys hanging out at that vacant lot near Ayala everytime I'm on my way home and wish that I knew someone who would be willing to teach me. Luckily my sister had a couple of friends (girls!) who longboard and brought me over to join them. I never knew what a thrill it was to ride on one of those. I'd recommend it to anyone who just wants to have a good time.

I was a bit wobbly at first and had a few falls and mishaps. But luckily I didn't suffer any scrape, or scratch, or bruise. The combination of blood and dirt ain't sexay.

Trust that you'll be seeing me there every Saturday from now on. It's like once you get on it you just don't wanna stop. Who knows.. I might even get real good at it and learn a few longboarding tricks along the way! It's something I'm looking forward to. I am genuinely excited!!!!

Hopefully I'll look as cool and swaggin' as these girls....

                    Check  out these girls on! Coolios!


Infinite swag..

Do you want to be my longboarding buddy? xo

All photos are from my kick ass tumblr blog! Follow me ;)

Do You Know The Tricks of Fire?

My Sister and I went to go see Up Dharma Down play at this local chill out place called Koa Tree House two nights ago. All I can say is WOW. This band is AMAZEBALLS!! They're even better live.

The crowd went wild when they started to play the intro to their song "Oo". I swear I could've died out of pure bliss. That is, in my opinion, one of the best OPM (Original Pinoy Music) songs ever made!

It's atrocious how one person can take so many bad pictures in one night. And I wasn't even drunk! Oh well, at least I had one darn good time. The next time they come back in town, I'll be sure to watch and hear them play again.

Do you want to come? xo

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Field of Sunflowers

So in my "to do" list I've written down the most random idea that I should plant sunflowers. I don't know why I wrote it down but it just popped inside my chaotic (sometimes paranoid) mind. And since I got nothing better to do during this school break, I'm thinking, why ever not?

Sunflowers are cool, right? Plus they're bright and sunshine-y and stuff. I think they'd make really good presents for my friends. Girls love getting flowers, don't they? Hehe.. So I finally found the time to get my lazy ass up and go look for some sunflower seeds. Tried looking for it at ACE Hardware but to no avail. All they had were some freakin' chamomile and carrot seeds. I was tempted to get the baby watermelon seeds, though. Wanted to know what those looked like. Haha! So I was just about ready to give up on my farmer's daughter fantasy of growing a field full of sunflowers when my brother suggested we go check out the pet store. Turns out they did sell those ever elusive sunflower seeds! Mwahaha.. Thank me lucky stars!

Wasn't sure if we could plant this kind since it's sold as food for cute little hamsters. So we asked the store attendant if these would grow if I planted it. She didn't have a clue in the world either and told us we should just try our luck and see if anything sprouts out in the ground. Boy, was she helpful. Anyways, I'm currently looking for good soil spots around the house. I want my babies to grow nice and healthy in case I wanna camwhore and need a good backdrop to take my pictures. Hehehe..

Here's Eula being chismosa and getting all up in my grill while I was looking for a spot to plant the seeds. She's such a sweet little doggie. Trying to help me plant and stuff. Cute!

Do you want to camwhore in a field of sunflowers, too? xo

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Cupcake Dilemma

You know you've had one too many cupcakes when you're having trouble zipping up and getting in your pants. I checked the weighing scale today and it basically told me I needed to lose some lbs. I gained 10 pounds :(  I wish my mom would stop making them. She makes a fresh batch every single day!! Quite hard to resist really. But I do not regret eating those muy muy delicioso cupcakes! They were a little piece of heaven.

But seriously you guys, I need to shed some weight 'coz I can't even hardly fit in my school uniform anymore. And those uniforms ain't got no spandex in them. So you can imagine I have to suck it all in just to close everything up. It's no fun at all. But serious time is serious time. So goodbye for now cupcakes :(

Chocolate Marble Cupcakes

Salivating right now..

Do you wanna eat cupcake with me and hope that we lose weight by chewing? xo

List It Down

Whenever I want to get things done, I always make "THE LIST". It makes me feel less chaotic and really puts things into perspective. Helps me relax, too. Not to mention it makes me feel like I actually have a life and that I got important things to do.. Haha..

So since it is the semestral break, I feel like I got a lot of extra time to actually do some stuff and get them done. I decided to post "THE LIST". Hopefully I finish at least half of the things I've written down.

I am to crash out each item which I feel I have done (for reals) and finished. It'll make me feel like I'm an accomplished do-gooder rather than being a fat slob the whole semestral break.

Wish me luck? xo

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coco Rocha on ANTM - All Stars

How fabulous was Coco Rocha on ANTM? I'll tell you how fabulous she was. She was SUPAAAH FABULOUUUSSSSssssSSss!!!!

I can't tell you enough how much I love Coco Rocha. She is one of my favorite models. Plus her name reminds me of cocoa.. Mmmmm.. Everyone loves cocoa, right? 'Coz you can make hot cocoa or brownies and cupcakes with it...... Anyways...... For this particular episode of America's Next Top Model, Ms. Rocha was a guest judge and even modeled with the girls during their photo shoot. Meow!



I just shat in my pants this is too much fierceness!!!!

I gotta go clean myself up and watch this episode again. The things I go through for love of Coco Rocha...

Do you shite in your pants because of Coco Rocha's fiercness, too? xo

You Can Never Go Wrong With The Swiss

It is now my fourth post and I decided I should post pictures of how my day went. Or about the stuff I ate and bought, which was not a lot. Haha! Can you guys tell how boring this post is going to be? Anyways, went with my younger brother to SM to go buy some stuff for mi darling mama's baking ingredients. She's really into that stuff now and lucky me, I get to be one of the cupcake testers! mwahahaha..

Next post will be about how I should probably slow down on the whole I-eat-cupcakes-all-day-and-I-don't-gain-weight delusions :(   Ze weighing scale does not lie! This is when I crawl into my man-cave and cry while eating cupcake I was intentionally hiding for myself to snack on once I get depressed. Dammit! Damn you cupcakes!!!

So while I'm contemplating on how I should resist my mother's evil cupcakes, here's some lovely picsies of food and girly stuff :)

yikes! The pictures didn't come out too good. But at least that burger was! hehe #awkward laugh
Mi brother enjoying his huge Bacon Mushroom Burger which I was supposed to have!! The server messed up our orders and I ended up eating his Chili Con Carne. We were so hungry we didn't even notice we were eating the wrong burgers. But I ain't complainin'.. That Chili Con Carne was goooOoood! Sorry brah! Hahahaha

Just took a huge bite off of that delicious juicy burger.. Uno mas por favor! (one more please!)
#dayyym my Espanyoles is gettin' pretty good

I love love love this Exfoliating facial scrub from Pure Beauty! You can really feel it scrub your ugly dead skin cells off. Plus you get this cooling effect on your skin. Leaving you feelin' fresher than a motherfu-- Oh wait! No profanities! tehehehehehehe #swearin' like a sailor

Wanted to try the Essential Eye Cream out. I have really dark and huge eyebags under my eyes and I've tried everything to get rid of it. I'll let you guys know how this one turns out. If it actually helps. It's cute that it's in this handy travel pack and hey, it's made from Switzerland! #you can never go wrong with the Swiss

Got some Vitress hair cuticle.. coat.. damage.. reverser-er?? Whatever it's called, it's supposed to give me hair that's shinier and prettier than Cinderella's. It's got a heat protectant version, too! Coolio! Plus I went and got me a tinted moisturizer from Myra E. And guys, look who decided to make a cameo. It's Alberto! The incense-holding owl! Expect that you'll be seeing lots of him. I bet you guys can tell I have a life. I even have time to set up a mini photo shoot for tinted moisturizers!  #woe is me :(

Do you have a life? xo

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Song of The Week

I can't get this song out of my mind!!!! I've been listening to it all week. I wish I had a voice like Zia's. Very cool, relaxed, and not at all pretentious. It has a very retro feel to it which I love. And so does the video! Very 70's (me likes). Enjoy! :)

Got any good music for me to listen to? xo


A little hair inspiration to get me through the day. I'm trying to grow mine waist-long. Hopefully I'll look like a mermaid :D

How's your day goin', chicas? xo

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The New Girl

Well, looky here! Look who decided to make a blog and join the rest of you lovely bloggers.

So I know I'm kinda late with the whole start-your-own-blog thing, but what the heck.. Better late than never! ehe ehe ehe.. I don't really know what this whole blog is about yet. But I do know it's going to be capital F-U-N!!!!.. So to satisfy any reader (if ever there are any) who wants to know what I look like, here's a first glimpse of The New Girl..

See you on the flipside, mi chimichangas! xo