Friday, October 28, 2011

A Field of Sunflowers

So in my "to do" list I've written down the most random idea that I should plant sunflowers. I don't know why I wrote it down but it just popped inside my chaotic (sometimes paranoid) mind. And since I got nothing better to do during this school break, I'm thinking, why ever not?

Sunflowers are cool, right? Plus they're bright and sunshine-y and stuff. I think they'd make really good presents for my friends. Girls love getting flowers, don't they? Hehe.. So I finally found the time to get my lazy ass up and go look for some sunflower seeds. Tried looking for it at ACE Hardware but to no avail. All they had were some freakin' chamomile and carrot seeds. I was tempted to get the baby watermelon seeds, though. Wanted to know what those looked like. Haha! So I was just about ready to give up on my farmer's daughter fantasy of growing a field full of sunflowers when my brother suggested we go check out the pet store. Turns out they did sell those ever elusive sunflower seeds! Mwahaha.. Thank me lucky stars!

Wasn't sure if we could plant this kind since it's sold as food for cute little hamsters. So we asked the store attendant if these would grow if I planted it. She didn't have a clue in the world either and told us we should just try our luck and see if anything sprouts out in the ground. Boy, was she helpful. Anyways, I'm currently looking for good soil spots around the house. I want my babies to grow nice and healthy in case I wanna camwhore and need a good backdrop to take my pictures. Hehehe..

Here's Eula being chismosa and getting all up in my grill while I was looking for a spot to plant the seeds. She's such a sweet little doggie. Trying to help me plant and stuff. Cute!

Do you want to camwhore in a field of sunflowers, too? xo

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