Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You Can Never Go Wrong With The Swiss

It is now my fourth post and I decided I should post pictures of how my day went. Or about the stuff I ate and bought, which was not a lot. Haha! Can you guys tell how boring this post is going to be? Anyways, went with my younger brother to SM to go buy some stuff for mi darling mama's baking ingredients. She's really into that stuff now and lucky me, I get to be one of the cupcake testers! mwahahaha..

Next post will be about how I should probably slow down on the whole I-eat-cupcakes-all-day-and-I-don't-gain-weight delusions :(   Ze weighing scale does not lie! This is when I crawl into my man-cave and cry while eating cupcake I was intentionally hiding for myself to snack on once I get depressed. Dammit! Damn you cupcakes!!!

So while I'm contemplating on how I should resist my mother's evil cupcakes, here's some lovely picsies of food and girly stuff :)

yikes! The pictures didn't come out too good. But at least that burger was! hehe #awkward laugh
Mi brother enjoying his huge Bacon Mushroom Burger which I was supposed to have!! The server messed up our orders and I ended up eating his Chili Con Carne. We were so hungry we didn't even notice we were eating the wrong burgers. But I ain't complainin'.. That Chili Con Carne was goooOoood! Sorry brah! Hahahaha

Just took a huge bite off of that delicious juicy burger.. Uno mas por favor! (one more please!)
#dayyym my Espanyoles is gettin' pretty good

I love love love this Exfoliating facial scrub from Pure Beauty! You can really feel it scrub your ugly dead skin cells off. Plus you get this cooling effect on your skin. Leaving you feelin' fresher than a motherfu-- Oh wait! No profanities! tehehehehehehe #swearin' like a sailor

Wanted to try the Essential Eye Cream out. I have really dark and huge eyebags under my eyes and I've tried everything to get rid of it. I'll let you guys know how this one turns out. If it actually helps. It's cute that it's in this handy travel pack and hey, it's made from Switzerland! #you can never go wrong with the Swiss

Got some Vitress hair cuticle.. coat.. damage.. reverser-er?? Whatever it's called, it's supposed to give me hair that's shinier and prettier than Cinderella's. It's got a heat protectant version, too! Coolio! Plus I went and got me a tinted moisturizer from Myra E. And guys, look who decided to make a cameo. It's Alberto! The incense-holding owl! Expect that you'll be seeing lots of him. I bet you guys can tell I have a life. I even have time to set up a mini photo shoot for tinted moisturizers!  #woe is me :(

Do you have a life? xo

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