Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Cupcake Dilemma

You know you've had one too many cupcakes when you're having trouble zipping up and getting in your pants. I checked the weighing scale today and it basically told me I needed to lose some lbs. I gained 10 pounds :(  I wish my mom would stop making them. She makes a fresh batch every single day!! Quite hard to resist really. But I do not regret eating those muy muy delicioso cupcakes! They were a little piece of heaven.

But seriously you guys, I need to shed some weight 'coz I can't even hardly fit in my school uniform anymore. And those uniforms ain't got no spandex in them. So you can imagine I have to suck it all in just to close everything up. It's no fun at all. But serious time is serious time. So goodbye for now cupcakes :(

Chocolate Marble Cupcakes

Salivating right now..

Do you wanna eat cupcake with me and hope that we lose weight by chewing? xo

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