Friday, November 4, 2011

I'll Write A Name Underneath

I love love loooove the shoes from Parisian at SM Department Store!! Not only are they very affordable but quite stylish too. It's nice to know they're keeping their designs chic and up to date with the fast paced world that is, FASYON!

I decided I wanted to buy flats instead of the studded heels I was eyeing on since it's more practical. Plus I don't think I'll be going anywhere fancy shmancy. It would be nice to have a pair of heels just in case, though. Maybe next time :)

    They're so comfy and cute. I love how they look like moccasins (did I spell that right?).

I'm planning on writing the name 'ANDY' on the sole just like what Woody had in the Toy Story movies.. Don't ask 'coz I don't know why I'm doing that either. But I'll probably be saving that until I get my badass girly cowboy boots! tehehehe

Line dance with me? xo


  1. you're right, Parisian is getting better wit their designs now..and yes, they're quite affordable. nice shoes you bought there.^.^ thanks for dropping by my blog.:)

  2. Now I need to save up more just to buy another pair I've been lusting on.. haha..

    Thanks for dropping by, too! Kisses for you!


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