Saturday, November 5, 2011

This Girl Needs A Job.. Pronto!

So there I was sitting all by myself in The Sports Warehouse at I.T. Park, waiting for my sister while she tried on swimsuits, staring at my own reflection in the mirror. Man, did I look bored as fvck.. That's when I thought I needed to do something useful with my life. A hobby, maybe? A sport? A job? Anything!!! I just need to do something that'll make me get off my lazy ass and be a productive citizen of this country. Wow. Who knew sitting in a sports store can really make you think deep about your life and the future. I should do it more often :) Maybe they'd even offer me a job at that store.. Haha!

So enjoy the rare sight of my chubby face on this blog. While I indulge in my camwhoring moments in random dressing rooms...

Will you give a desperate girl a job? xo

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  1. Hi :) thanks so much for dropping by my blog. That happens to me too very often, doing nothing makes me over think things and I hate it :/


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