Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bummed Out

Today I am severely depressed and bummed out that I didn't get to go with my sister and her friends to Siargao for Surf Camp. Dammit! This just ain't fair :( I could have been in the beach by now. Ready to just ride the waves and say 'brah' to random surf dudes I may encounter. Oh well, maybe during the summer. When I've saved up enough money and have my ultra hard-rock "girly abs".

My sister and her friends are probably looking like hot babes right now and being beach bums. Getting their surf on and stuff.

Or they could be looking like total fools and falling straight on their asses! Mwahahahaha (bitter resentment).. All I know is when I do get the chance to get on a surfboard, I'll be sure to look as good as this hot granny right over here.

Be my brah and buy me a surfboard? xo

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