Wednesday, January 25, 2012

House of Dreams

I've seen a lot of swanky houses during my lifetime (and that's mostly because I watch too many MTV Cribs episodes). But I'm always left in awe at the number of bedrooms and bathrooms people can fit in their homes,. Don't even get me started on the basketball courts or mini movie theaters or recording studios some celebrities got goin' on in their cribs. But hey, if you got ridiculous amounts of cash flowing in every second, might as well spend it and spend it BIG! I'd tap that.

So since I do plan on getting ridiculously wealthy and buying my own house someday, I think it'd be really mature of me (not really) to start envisioning and planning what my future house would look like.

  • Funny face. Audrey Hepburn's face on my wall.This woman is my sister from another mister. A doe-eyed goddess. A beacon of light. My mother from another father (I dunno what this means. LOL!). Simply put, I think Audrey is just wonderful (and if you beg to differ, I.WILL.CUT.YOU.. hehe).

  • A birdcage inside a fish cage. Say whut? Whoever thought of this bizarre concept is a genius! A birdcage in the center of an aquarium. I must, I must, I must have it for myself!

  • A shoe haven. A closet especially made just for shoes is a must for every girl.

  • Booked staircase. I love reading! Therefore, I'm on my way to having a serious collection of books and will need some space to put them in. You think I'd settle for some humdrum library but NUH-UH! This right here takes the cake. A staircase filled with books! You think you're just climbing down normal boring old stairs and BAM! The sight of my book collection hits yah. That's serious mind-fuck right there...

  • Living dead. I want my living room to have high ceilings and have a big ass mural of a corpse that looks like Abraham Lincoln if he was more street and urban. This would be the chillest kick-it spot ever!!!

  • Secret garden. I love frolicking around gardens and backyards that seem to lead you to creepy forests. A house wouldn't be complete if it didn't have some sort of plant growth around it. That is why I need a garden. Particularly one that makes me want to pretend I'm a forest nymph who eats flowers and beetles for lunch and runs around naked.

  •  Pink surprise. Wouldn't it be lovely if I had a huge pink front door to welcome my guests? It may be a bit gay and some would say it subconsciously resembles a vajayjay, but trust me, once you get inside this pink door you'll want to stay inside forever. Okay, that sounded dirty. haha!

  • Man, oh man. And lastly but definitely not the least, a fine looking fella who lives in this house with me. Clue: We're roomies (*awinky-dink-dink)

 But seriously, if I had a sweet ass man with me, I'd ditch this whole home-furnishing plan and just live on an island somewhere and have him all to myself. *naughty grin*

 Don't you think my future house is THE BOMB?


  1. Very cool photos!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! :) You're always so nice :)

  2. I love this post! And you have an awesome blog, Mara :) Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog.



    1. Aaawwwee :) Your comment made me smile :) Thanks so much Karla! Kisses! xxx

  3. this is such a cute idea! I have so many ideas of what my house will look like someday - it will be in Paris, I know, surrounded by plants and full of delightful clothings. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog - you seem like a real sweetie! xx tess

    1. Wouldn't Paris be a beautiful place to live in? An apartment with a view of the Eiffel Tower would be just perfect! Aaawwee you're really nice for dropping by my blog, too :) Kisses!! xxx

  4. secret garden and this boy.) oh, i like your blog so much, thank you for comment, and i think we can follow each other, m?))


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