Friday, December 2, 2011

Jump For My Love

Just felt like jumping up and down in a random covered walk for no apparent reason. I think people should do that more often. Gets the endorphins going. HAHA! Anyways, just wanted to show off the polka dot skirt I made two summers ago. I'm a proud mama! Sadly I forgot everything about pattern-making. I'm planning on taking one of those short sewing and pattern-making courses that FIDA is currently offering. Maybe during the summer when I'm not too busy :)

Let's be crafty and sew skirts together?


  1. hello, I just stumbled on your blog by accident. I'm a fellow cebuana blogger, I hope you drop by my blog too..hehe

  2. You're one awesome nigga, homes! Love ya! xx

  3. @Thank you so much patsky.. I know I'm fly! get it? I'm fly 'coz im jumping.. hahaha.. I'm lame, i know :(


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