Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's Not Her Face The Boys Want To See

A late post, but I just wanted to share my Christmas Eve outfit with everyone. It's always been tradition for me and my family to look our best to celebrate Christmas. I know the pictures are really blurry but it's only because ze brother sucks at taking picsies and I haven't really gotten friendly with the camera settings all that well yet. But I quite like how the pictures turned out. At least you get an idea of what I wore. I must remind myself to take a quick picture of this outfit during daytime where there's actual day light.. haha!

I don't know why I much prefer pictures of me being blurry. I guess I like the vagueness of it all. Or the feeling it gives that not much makes sense. It's dramatic and sometimes creepy. Two words that perfectly describe me! YEEYY!

So while I'm off doing my creepy dance, here's a random picture of my brother taking his pants off in the garden.. VIVA LA NUDITY!!!

Do you wanna be a creepy streaker in the garden, too? I promise I'll take your picture :)


  1. Intricate photos. (:
    Mind checking out my blog? (:

  2. thanks for your visit on my blog, also I like your blog, I hope you will want to follow me on google friends connect and also on facebook have a good day... keep in touch ....

  3. hey girl! thanks for the comments, so sweet.
    i'm loving your blog too, and i'll be following it :) feel free to follow mine too if you like it. All the best for the holiday season!! x

  4. Followed all of your lovely blogs! :) Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by and shedding some love and comments on mine :) you guys are the coolest!

    Besos! xxxx


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