Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm In The Mood For Love

It's Valentine's! You kitties know what that means..... It means it's time for you guys to listen to this here mixtape I put together!!!! Yipeee!!! You guys are so lucky (in my mind, you are).

Ain't nothing better than to celebrate the Day of Hearts listening to some good music. This list is sure to put you in the mood for L'Amour or maybe just make you wanna be hopeful about it. hehe

P.S. the last song was just a random pick I thought was needed to be put on the list. Maybe you guys need help getting your sexy on. haha! Just trying to give a hand..... a sexy hand, that is. Okay, that was lame. I apologize.

1. Sea of Love - Cat Power
2. Lovefool - The Cardigans
3. Love That Will Last - Renee Olstead
4. Love Foolosophy - Jamiroquai
5. Lovers in Japan - Coldplay
6. Love Song For No One - John Mayer
7. I'm Like A Lawyer (Me+You) - Fall Out Boy
8. I Got You - Robin Thicke
9. Junk of The Heart (Happy) - The Kooks
10. Kismet - Cattski (I like Ian Zafra's version, too)
11. Train On A Track - Kelly Rowland
12. I'm In Luv (Wit A Stripper) - T-Pain

To start your V-Day right, I'm leaving you guys with one of my favorite songs from Kaskade.
I send you all LIGHT & LOVE.



  1. I am so inlove with your blog. Especially the blog title. :D

    happy valentine's!

    1. Dearest Karla,

      You literally have no idea how happy you made me with your comment. I think I just peed on myself a little. Just a little.. haha! You made my daaaay!!! Thank you so much! And can I just mention that you have great style? :) Yes, you do. mwah!

  2. great mixtape lovely! i hope you had a wonderful valentines day <3
    jessie x
    the weekend project.

    1. Aaaaaaah!! Jessie!! It's you!!!! I love your blog :) Thanks so much for dropping by. You made my day! And yes, I had one of the loveliest Valentine's ever! :) Hope you had a good one too :) xxx

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  4. Hey! Thank you for checking out my blog and leaving a comment as well :) One of these songs will definitely be in my playlist! ♥

    xx Bei


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