Thursday, February 23, 2012

Braiden Maiden

Check out the lovely fishtail braid my friend Cokie did to my hair. Made me feel like Rapunzel! :) I had to watch out for sneaky ninja hands who wanted to touch and tug on my braid though. Didn't want them ruining my princess hair moment for me. Tralalalala..

I loved having this hairstyle so much that I looked up tutorial videos on how to fishtail/fishbone braid your hair on this amazing thing called youtube. I'm still getting the hang of it though. Hopefully when my hair grows waist long (my lifelong goal), I'll be able to actually do my own braids.

So I'm posting this decent enough tutorial so you guys can learn how to fishtail braid, too. In time, I know we'll be braiding our hairs together. Even our mustaches, too, if you have one. But if you do have one I suggest you wax that shit off. Mustaches ain't sexaay.. unless you're a cowboy... or Santa :)

Let's braid our mustaches together?


  1. That is so gorgeous! I wish I could do a fishtail!


    1. I wish I could do I fishtail with my own hair too! hahaha.. Off to watching more tutorial videos, I guess :) Kisses! xxx


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