Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday Secrets

Lagged post but I'm back now! Exams week is finally over and summer's here! Mwahahahaha! Just thinking about all the fun stuff I want to do (or not do) for this summer makes me all giddy inside. But more on that later. I'm giving myself a well-deserved pat on the back for surviving my third year in college and turning the big 2-0 without resentment! (yeyy me!)

So here's a bit of a photo diary for what went down during my birthday. As always, I spend it with la familia. <3 Didn't really plan the whole thing out but we ended up eating at one of Cebu's best-kept secret restaurants. That's because you have to know where it is to know that it actually exists. haha!

 The fish fillet I had was divine! I am not over-exaggerating when I say it melts in your mouth because hells yeah it totally did melt in my mouth. I'm sure to have that again when I go back.
 Their Uzobuco (I don't know if I spelled that right) is a customer favorite. That was some goood tender beef. My grandma even opted to suck out all the marrow. haha! #Neighborhoodies
And of course there's the mandatory two ice cream scoops for desert for ze birthday girl a.k.a MOI!

 Apparently the owner collects all these bad boys. A BMW, 2 Ducati motorcycles, 3 ATVs.. What's not to like? This one reminds me of one of the Autobots from Transformers. Rock on!
The next little secret place we went to was this newly opened cupcake shop called Sweet Little Things. I swear if you didn't know where it was then you wouldn't even know it existed, too. Is this the new business trend now? Keep your cafes and restaurants a secret and hopefully people will wander off into deserted street corners and find out about you? Hmm.. Sounds a little shady to me but then what do I know? haha.. All this girly cares about is kinky cuppycakes!! Nomnomnomnomnom..

 My favorites are Monkey Business and Cookies & Cream. But then their bestseller is the Flourless Mudpie.

 Le mama looking like a prim and proper lady.. Oho oho oho
 Random girl gets to be in the shot, too. haha! I give you claps for studying real hard! Clappity-clap!

Read all three books of The Hunger Games trilogy for 3 straight nights (instead of studying. Bad girl!) Have you guys watched the movie yet? I've watched it thrice already :( How obsessed am I?


  1. Those photos of the foods that you ate on your birthday are mouth-watering!

    I need to do research on where are those restaurants and cake shops are located! kyaaaaa! Wanna go there too!

    PS: Please PM me, asa dapit na cla na kan-anan? hahaahahha Have Mercy On Me! :D :D :D

    1. Hey Ericka! Cul De Sac is in the Sto. Nino Village near the USC Talamban Campus.. It's really hidden so try asking the guards where it is.. They'll be more than happy to give you the directions.. I also recommend that you go to Dovestreet while you're there.. It's the cutest little place.. Php200 for a 4-course meal! You will be stuffed!

      As for Sweet Little Things, near Parklane hotel is this drinking place called Imagine. Once you see their sign, turn right and you'll see Shabu-Shabu restaurant. Right beside that is the very little cupcake shop. Good luck!!!!! and eat up!! haha

    2. HAHAHA! Oh my! Oh my! It's just near to where I'm staying! I'm living at the USC-TC area. I can actually just walk in going there for some exercise and for a great appetite upon eating there!

      DOVESTREET!? Noted! hahaha Will go there soon once I have a work!

      Thank you dear! =)

    3. Really? ahahaha.. Good for you!!! hahaha.. I'd eat there everyday if I could.. If only I didn't live so far away..

      Sure thaaaaang! Have fun! :)

  2. Usually how much ilang food ngara dear? hahaha!

    1. The food is surprisingly not that expensive.. I would compare it to the prices in Casa Verde.. You should go give it a try and bring friends! haha.. The cupcakes, i forgot the prices.. haha! I was too busy eating them.. hahahaha

    2. Oh yeah! I'm planning to go there with my friends soon and my family if my parents would visit me here in Cebu.

      You know what, I just did some little research about the prices of those cute cupcakes and they would cost just around 50 pesos! Hahaha At least I have other options in buying cupcakes. I usually buy cupcakes at Leona's good thing, there's this other one! hahahahahah!

      Oh my! Thank you soooo much! :)

    3. Oh so your not from Cebu diay? Yeah it would be a really cute place to hang out.

      Ahahaha.. Oh yeah, that's right! They also have this cupcake flavor called Lemon Poppy Seed. I'd recommend that if you wanna go for something different.. hehe.. Leona's cupcakes are really good sad noh.. They're huge! haha

      Yeah no problem, Ericka! It's always nice sharing little secrets. Now you can pass them on to your friends.. haha!

    4. Yeah, am from Bohol! hahahaha from the Land of Tarsiers! hahaha :))

      Lemon Poppy Seed! I shall make list on where to eat and what to eat! hahaha :)) Yeah, am a certified Leona's girl! hahaha My fave Leona cupcake is the Mint Chocolate cupcake! nomnomnom! hahaha :))

      Yeah, again, thank you so much dear! :D I will bring my friends there and they will discover the secret itself! hahaha :)

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